Amazing People Club announces launch of Amazing People Library online

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February 2014

Amazing People Club announces launch of Amazing People Library online.

The Amazing People Club announced the launch of its new online collection - Amazing People Library. Offering more than 200 interactive biographies, Amazing People Library bring readers ‘face to face’ with many of the world’s most inspiring and influential characters from the fields of art, science, music, politics, medicine and business. Characters featured include Marie Curie, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Louis Pasteur, Harriet Tubman and Michelangelo. Fascinating new characters will be added throughout the year.

"We are delighted to launch Amazing People Library," says Charles Margerison, author and founder. “This new online collection exemplifies our mission to provide stories that will inspire, educate, and entertain. The stories of these amazing individuals are related as though they were giving personal interviews—an unrivaled approach, which invites you to interact with some of the most compelling figures in history. Each character becomes your personal historical tour guide, as you begin to explore their achievements, challenges and experiences, from a unique first-person perspective, through a blend of text and dramatized audio narrative.”

Amazing People Library offers educators, librarians and students cross-curricular resources that enhance lessons, assemblies, coursework and program activities. Concise and accessible, each story maximizes the Web's capacity to connect school-taught subjects to students and library patrons, through the use of collaborative tools and features. The wide range of resources along with support materials can be easily incorporated into new and existing library and school programs. Fully searchable and annotatable, Amazing People Library presents an invaluable stimulus for educators and librarians to create dialogue and debate in their institutions.

Distinctive features of Amazing People Library include:
• More than 200 inspirational ‘first-person’ biographies across key subject categories including Explorers, Inventors, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Scientists, Artists, Politicians and Social Reformers.
• Built-in audio narration of the text adding dynamic interest for different levels of learners and readers.
• Ability to bookmark, annotate, print, email, and share listings to create personal notes, lesson plans, and library program ideas.
• Sophisticated browse and search capabilities to help locate favorite stories.
• Easy access via IP address to authorized users on the subscribing institution's campus or institutional network.

The new Amazing People Library is published under the leadership of Dr. Charles Margerison, a chartered psychologist and member of the Royal Institution. He was previously Professor of Management at the Universities of Cranfield (UK) and Queensland, Australia. Prior to that, he co-founded Emerald, the world’s leading publisher of management journals and databases.

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