Amazing People Institute

Amazing People Institure

How can the abilities of both students and adults be improved? One way is to understand the methods, processes and outputs of outstanding achievers, such as Michelangelo, Dr Marie Curie, Mozart, Dr Louis Pasteur, Einstein and many others.

The Amazing People Institute provides research and resources to those who have an education role. In particular, we enable education and training organizations the use of amazing people materials to assess applications. This enables people from all walks of life to understand and apply the principles of success used by amazing people.

Adopting a vast array of multimedia and educational resources, such as eBooks, iBooks, articles, webinars, videos and case studies, the Amazing People Institute is at the forefront of action learning principles. Through an active network of global partners and workshops, it trains and facilitates teachers, librarians and other educational stakeholders, to maximise the potential of success development.

Action learning is the key principle to understanding how amazing people achieved great things. The Amazing People Institute shows you how to effectively apply and learn from lessons of the masters. Our resources, workshops and global networks provide a comprehensive system of teaching and learning resources. Independent research demonstrates that the effective use of time, organisation, talent management and development, are key qualities of amazing people. You can truly transform your potential, and your life by accessing and adopting these principles.

The Amazing People Institute for learning and research. Brilliant Action. Brilliant Results.

Dr Charles Margerison is the founder and author of the Amazing People Club® Book Series. These are books based on BioView® stories. BioView® is a new word that combines biography and interview. BioViews® are based on the facts related to people’s lives and the author’s interpretation. Each person’s story emerges through a virtual interview. The books bring a new perspective to what amazing people have done for each and every one of us. The cross-curricular aspect of the series has been readily recognized by educators and therefore, the concept has been further developed to support and cater for this.