Amazing People World

"The first 5 minutes of a class are vital in engaging the attention of students."

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  • Would you like to turn your classroom into a sizzling ‘edu-tainment’ center?
  • Would you like to have William Shakespeare, Florence Nightingale, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin and Louis Armstrong, speak directly to your students via avatar?
  • Would you like to use tried and tested resources that bring inspiration to the core of the classroom?
  • Would you like to use a direct-to-classroom resource that enables you to provide students with multi-media educational activities?
  • Would you like to personalize topics by connecting students with the people behind them?
  • Would you like access to a unique teacher toolkit packed with activities, plenaries and starters that provide entertaining ways to springboard into curriculum subjects?

Take a look at how students at Castle Vale School in the UK, responded, having ‘met’ Christopher Columbus in their classroom via Amazing People World.

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