How Managers Use CPS

By Dr Charles Margerison©

Psychologist, Amazing People Worldwide.

Henry Ford is renowned for changing the speed and quantity of car production, by introducing an assembly-line work simplification process. Steve Jobs is...

The Big 5 Problem Solving Skills for Managers

Amazing People Worldwide Learning

 - The Accountant’s Added-Value Role -

By Dr Charles Margerison

Amazing Writers

By Dr Charles Margerison©
President – Amazing People Institute


Writing has come a long way from the days of iconic writers like the Amazing Writers you will meet here.

You may have read one of...

Amazing Careers - How Librarians Can Help

By Dr Charles Margerison©
President – Amazing People Institute

Andrew Carnegie recognized, that for people to advance their careers and improve their lives, they needed libraries. After all, he had risen from being a poor factory worker, to becoming the richest man in the world. He achieved this by reading, and learning, and...

Students - How To Write a BioView®

A Class Activity

by Dr Charles Margerison - Author and President of the Amazing People Club

I have introduced my unique BioView® stories in my recent article, 'Life' Writing and BioView® Stories. But, how...

'Life' Writing and BioView® Stories - by Author Dr Charles Margerison

An Approach to Life Writing

Increasingly, people are writing their own life story and also the life stories of family members. It is a form of psychological literature where people express their perceptions and emotions about people and places in their lives.


You Are Amazing!

Amazing People


Do Amazing People Take After Their Parents?

The Parents of Amazing People

What Influence Do They Have?

an article by Dr Charles Margerison, President of the Amazing People Club®...

Amazing Thinkers

Amazing Thinkers - Six 'Thinking' Skill Words To Guide Students 

By Dr Charles Margerison

Psychologist - Amazing People Worldwide


This article shows us how encouraging employees, students and others to ask questions,...

Will YOU Read This?

Reading. What can you do to encourage reading?

by Dr Charles Margerison

It is often said that...