Inspirational Learning

'Edutainment' with the help of amazing people such as William Shakespeare, Marie Curie, Napoleon, Coco Chanel and Michelangelo.

You told us you wanted flexible, easy-to-use, consistent resources, which are cross-curricular and consider differentiation in the classroom. We have worked closely with top educators to provide a range of high quality eBook and audio resources to use in lessons, assemblies, coursework and activities.

We offer a unique digital library for teachers and students alike. Use our educational series of eBooks and audiobooks to enhance your lessons. Teach and learn through a new kind of storytelling.

Get started today and bring these amazing individuals into the classroom via avatar and other means.  Experience Amazing People World, which is a FREE trial multimedia direct-to-classroom resource HERE.  

Inspirational Resources

Our series features a range of books, ebooks and audiobooks featuring between one and 25 different BioViews®. They are organised by interest and subject including science, politics, music, business, art and engineering.

The product range is available on major online retail outlets including Amazon, iBookstore, Audible and iTunes.

Amazing lessons made easy

  • Simply purchase the title you want in the format you want – book, eBook, multimedia textbook for iPad or audiobook.
  • Download our free toolkit or lesson plans which have been specifically designed by educators to be used alongside your chosen product.


Teach Amazing Lessons with inspirational stories.

  • Bring the world’s most amazing people into your classroom
  • Inspirational learning resources that will engage students in an entirely new way
  • Can be used to support education at many levels
  • Short format and easily accessible – can be used to enhance any lesson or assembly
  • Available in eBook and audio formats
  • Cross curricular and easy to use
  • Recommended - quality resources that are tried and tested

Explore the Series

Titles include Amazing Women, Amazing Scientists, Amazing Writers and Amazing Educators. Start exploring the series now.

Titles from the series are also available though our education partner GLOBAL GRID FOR LEARNING.

Free Amazing Resources

Amazing People Toolkit