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Press release date Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 14:11.

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February 2014

Amazing People Club announces launch of Amazing People Library online.

The Amazing People Club announced the launch of its new online collection - Amazing People Library. Offering more than 200 interactive biographies, Amazing People Library bring readers ‘face to face’ with many of the world’s most inspiring and influential characters from the fields of art, science, music, politics, medicine and business. Characters featured include Marie Curie, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Louis Pasteur, Harriet Tubman and Michelangelo. Fascinating new characters will be added throughout the year.

"We are delighted to launch Amazing People Library," says Charles Margerison, author and founder. “This new online collection exemplifies our mission to provide stories that will inspire, educate, and entertain. The stories of these amazing individuals are related as though they were giving personal interviews—an unrivaled approach, which invites you to interact with some of the most compelling figures in history. Each character becomes your personal historical tour guide, as you begin to explore their achievements, challenges and experiences, from a unique first-person perspective, through a blend of text and dramatized audio narrative.”

Amazing People Library offers educators, librarians and students cross-curricular resources that enhance lessons, assemblies, coursework and program activities. Concise and accessible, each story maximizes the Web's capacity to connect school-taught subjects to students and library patrons, through the use of collaborative tools and features. The wide range of resources along with support materials can be easily incorporated into new and existing library and school programs. Fully searchable and annotatable, Amazing People Library presents an invaluable stimulus for educators and librarians to create dialogue and debate in their institutions.

Distinctive features of Amazing People Library include:
• More than 200 inspirational ‘first-person’ biographies across key subject categories including Explorers, Inventors, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Scientists, Artists, Politicians and Social Reformers.
• Built-in audio narration of the text adding dynamic interest for different levels of learners and readers.
• Ability to bookmark, annotate, print, email, and share listings to create personal notes, lesson plans, and library program ideas.
• Sophisticated browse and search capabilities to help locate favorite stories.
• Easy access via IP address to authorized users on the subscribing institution's campus or institutional network.

The new Amazing People Library is published under the leadership of Dr. Charles Margerison, a chartered psychologist and member of the Royal Institution. He was previously Professor of Management at the Universities of Cranfield (UK) and Queensland, Australia. Prior to that, he co-founded Emerald, the world’s leading publisher of management journals and databases.

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Press release date Monday, May 27, 2013 - 14:04.


Would you like to hear Shakespeare tell you about his life and work? Or, listen to Michelangelo describe what motivated him to create such masterpieces? Well, now you can. Via avatars, these and many other amazing people, return to tell the stories of their lives in a first person perspective, known as a BioView®. They were all outstanding achievers and are part of the Amazing Leaders Series. In these sensational new eBooks for iPad, from The Amazing People Club®, they are brought to life in an entirely new way.

Creating personal connections with school-taught subjects, makes the learning process more accessible and ultimately more engaging. This new series of educational eBooks opens up personal development, through offering a view on the lives that these people lived. They overcame challenges to become leaders in their fields. The iPad technology allows the stories to be told in a way that engages readers and students, and includes interactive graphics, video avatars and audio features that help to set the scene, giving context. 

This new series supports cross-curricular inspirational learning and career development. Discover how students at Castle Vale High school in the UK, responded when they came ‘face to face’ with Christopher Columbus on their iPads HERE.


Dr. Charles Margerison, an education psychologist and President of The Amazing People Club, says that “School classrooms have to be centres of sizzling entertainment to engage students in education. Therefore, we have created these eBooks for iPad that breathe life into the inspirational stories of amazing people, such as William Shakespeare and Harriet Tubman. Students engage with outstanding leaders in a unique way, via avatars, interactive quizzes, dramatized audio stories and sensational photo galleries. This offers inspiration and insight, enabling them to use their own talents, to overcome challenges and to achieve success.”

The titles can be further explored on The Amazing People Club website HERE. The new series is available via iTunes and features characters that have fundamentally changed our world, including William Shakespeare, Harriet Tubman, Mark Twain, Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln and Florence Nightingale. Further titles in the series will launch throughout 2013. They have all been developed using iBooks Author, which was launched by Apple last year.

Dave Jones, previously Head Teacher of the North and a nominated Head Teacher of the Year said that “In an age when immediate fame and celebrity are cynically dangled to fuel the hopes and visions of children and young people, the Amazing People Club's resources are a refreshing reminder of the power of role models to inspire the young.”

The Amazing People Club is an international education publisher and is working with Apple Inc to bring this series to students worldwide. To gain access to the Amazing People Teacher toolkit, packed with class starters, activities and plenaries, please visit their Education page. To become involved in their other direct-to-classroom resources, be sure to check out these Education Case Studies.

For further information, please contact  +61 405 829199.

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Press release date Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 12:17.

Amazing People in Schools

William Shakespeare, Marie Curie, Mozart, Galileo, Helen Keller and Michelangelo can now appear in school classrooms using modern multi - media technology.
Our aim is to provide every teacher and all students, via streamed media, access to amazing people from whom they can learn and be inspired. For further information on how educators can get involved, please see HERE.

The Amazing People Club is a publishing organization that has produced the life stories of amazing people through virtual biographical interviews, which are known as BioViews®. Each of the stories is produced for students in an easy to read style and written in the first person singular as shown in the short excerpt below.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I always felt my time on Earth might be short
My parents had seven children
Five of my brothers and sisters died during infancy
My mother and father offered prayers, but they were to no avail
Then hope, as I was born on 27th January 1756
Their seventh and last child

There are over 400 BioView stories in the Amazing People Education Series. They have all been recorded by actors in an audio studio. A number have also been produced as avatar based audio visuals for use by teachers and students in the classroom. Each of the audio visuals can be used at the start of a class on key issues in the curriculum, such as science, music, art, literature mathematics, health and other issues. These resources are fully supported by timelines, articles, portraits, etc. To view an avatar example of Captain James Cook, please see HERE.

Research is being done on the effectiveness of this approach and the following points have emerged so far.

  • Identification - Students take more interest in the content of a subject area, when they have an identification with a leading person involved. An example is the topic of Exploration and Navigation. After a five minute version of our Christopher Columbus audio visual avatar was shown, the teacher and students reported that interest in the topics was shown. You can view the Columbus avatar HERE.
  • Engagement - The level of student engagement was reflected in the level of participation in group work and also the class discussion that followed.

Amazing People World is a new web site established to provide access to the amazing people audio visuals for teachers and students.

This is made available by the publishers on a complimentary basis. In order, to develop the project further, funding is now required for applied research in schools to:

  • Train teachers in the use of the amazing people audio visual resources. We will make available, our resources that suggest how teachers could use BioViews in classroom applications. This will also be supported by an Amazing Teaching Strategies Toolkit for teachers to use at will, to facilitate group discussions. See HERE.
  • To gain feedback on the application of the resources in the classroom, preferably via a video recording of student discussions, plus interviews with students. To see an example of how this was done at Castle Vale School in the UK, please visit HERE.
  • To gain feedback from teachers on their applications and their assessment of the effect audio visual avatars have on the student’s motivation and commitment.
  • To provide teachers with the support resources for continuing professional development associated with Amazing People Education, including an innovative approach to the critical thinking and problem solving.

For more information, please contact
Marion Andersson -
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Press release date Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 12:34.

TIME - A Precious Gift

….and how Amazing People used it!...

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, made a very successful business out of it, by producing beautiful watches and clocks. Mother Theresa once declared “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin”. The great inventor Benjamin Franklin once stated that “Lost time is never found again.”

Amazing people like President Lincoln, Mozart, Dr. Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman, Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci, all had one thing in common – they used their time well. Everyone who acquires a watch recognizes that time is precious. They want to use it well and not have regrets. They respect those who were achievers. The Amazing People Club audios on the life stories of amazing people show how time can be used to improve one’s performance and achievements in life.

Organizations and companies, either directly or indirectly are all in the TIME business. Would your company like to take its branding association beyond practical timekeeping and into life stories with TIME at the core? Would your organization like to marry your brand with the amazing life stories of amazing people like Dr. Louis Pasteur, Helen Keller, Tchaikovsky, Florence Nightingale, and other outstanding achievers? They reflect values associated with TIME itself and how precious a commodity it really is. In their lifetimes, they recognized opportunities, seized them and turned them into outstanding achievements.

The Amazing People Club's unique range of audios on the lives of amazing people can give your customers a unique insight and understanding into how these people and many others came to be successful, demonstrating effective use of time to achieve amazing things.

Your company brand would be associated with ‘Amazing Achievers – Masters of Time’. This is a commercially valuable legacy in that there could be various business applications. There are a number of ways in which this could work including but not limited to:-

  • Warranty Applications - Customers could be offered a built in subscription to Amazing People Audios, which would be provided under a sponsorship or licensing arrangement.
  • Precious Gift of time Applications – Your company could provide one of the audios as a gift to clients when they purchase products, illustrating how amazing people used their time well.
  • Promotional Applications - Bespoke or themed packages could be offered to clients in association with an event, e.g. offer the inspirational life story of Columbus in association with sponsoring a sailing event, OR offer inspirational ‘Amazing Olympics’ audiobook at a sports event, OR offer the inspirational life story of Marie Curie in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

Pictured above, Michelangelo, Charles Darwin, President Lincoln, Dr Marie Curie and William Shakespeare all had something in common. They used their time and talents well.


  • The Amazing People Club digital audio library features hundreds of stories about some of the world’s most amazing people – from Michelangelo to Curie, Chanel to Ford, Gandhi to Nightingale, Arden to Kroc, Wilsdorf to Piaf.
  • The audios are based on virtual interviews, presented by actors, called BioViews. The stories (also available in ibook and ebook formats), provide an entirely unique perspective on the lives of this amazing range of inspirational characters that include entrepreneurs, political leaders, business leaders, engineers, inventors, scientists, artists and musicians.
  • The stories are short format, told in the first person, offering engagement and a unique insight on how these influential people used their time well, managed challenges, and recognised opportunities which they effectively turned into great success.
  • The audios can be used to improve brand engagement through association with amazing people. People engage with stories ABOUT people and the first person perspective offers a unique way to reinforce any brand and support its legacy and reach.
  • The Amazing People digital audio library is an invaluable asset to any organisation that wants to maintain and leverage its brand and the values that it supports. Additionally, a company can incorporate the resources at the core of its training and learning. The short format means resources can be used easily and provide practical inspiration company-wide.
  • The audio resources are compatible with today’s digital and mobile devices and are multi-platform friendly. Almost everybody has access to a listening device be it via iPod, mobile phone or other form. Invite your customers to ‘meet an amazing person on the way to work’. Ideal for busy professionals who appreciate learning about an amazing range of characters, who shaped and changed our world.




The Amazing People Club resources include audios and other learning resources around the lives of Amazing People. There would be an agreed cost per user / per year, which provides full access to a range of resources. Reduced pricing for bundled packages is also available. Content can be developed around key themes or to support key organization themes / objectives / promotions.

The Amazing People digital library features over 500 people from around the world and a huge range of industries so bespoke packages can be created to perfectly enhance any branding requirements or organizational promotions. The entire audio range can be viewed HERE.


For further information on the series, please visit and to discuss partnerships, please contact one of the undersigned.

Marion Andersson –

Frances Corcoran –


Press release date Friday, January 4, 2013 - 09:55.



It is our pleasure to start the ‘New Year, New You’ with a truly inspirational master of Renaissance art.  He once said “I hope that I may always desire more than I can accomplish”, These words are worth bearing in mind and are testament to how determination and hard work will lead to success.  This up-close-and-personal insight into the life of Michelangelo will help you step into his world to learn, not only about his extraordinary achievements, but to explore the complexity of his romantic life, the emotional turbulence which drove him, and the genius that captured the world.  It will help you relate to situations in your own life and equip you with lessons and tools that will be valuable in guiding you through your first steps of the New Year, New You.  His story is available in the following titles –

"Meet Michelangelo"  iTextbook for iPad - HERE

"Meet Michelangelo"  eStory and Audiobook - HERE

"Amazing Artists" eBook and Audiobook - HERE

During 2013, The Amazing People Club will be featuring an Amazing Person for you to meet every month. Tied to a specific event, this will provide people with an opportune time to reflect on their own motivations and personal interests.  For further information on the series and the 2013 Inspirational Marketing Calendar, please contact . / © Amazing People Club 2013. All Rights Reserved