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Press release date Monday, March 26, 2012 - 10:46.

To celebrate the launch of Amazing new titles, The Amazing People announces some incredible holiday bargains PLUS a simply awesome freebie!

“All You Want For Christmas and more!”

Which world famous singer had a stutter?  What is the amazing story of the prolific inventor who was known as “Lady Edison”?  Or the great story of Harry Houdini, who escaped poverty in Hungary to become the world’s most famous magician?  Or the inspirational story of Mahatma Ghandi, who led India to independence and paved the way for civil rights movements around the globe? 

So what do Harry Houdini, Queen Elizabeth I, Walt Disney, Pavarotti, Elvis, Marie Curie, Casanova & George Washington have in common?

And where can one rub shoulders with all of these and many more iconic names?

This innovative digital publisher is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new range of titles in which it brings to life the amazing people mentioned above, as well as a whole host of others.  The range is due to hit the online bookshelves in mid-December.  This gives everyone the chance to do some easy online Christmas shopping and enables the swift inter-continental dispatch of eBooks and Audios to loved ones in near and faraway places.  The perfect gift!

In this new season, there are some riveting titles to be explored.  The uniqueness of the Series lies in how it is delivered.  A method called a BioView® which is a mix of interview and biography.  Seasoned ‘time-traveller’ and author, Dr. Charles Margerison, has once again, taken to his preferred method of travel and by virtual means, brought to life the inspirational stories of iconic people who have made major contributions to this world.  They tell their own stories in an extremely engaging manner.  Short, concise, educational and informative – they are ideal for people on the go who want a story with a difference and there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. 

New Release Details
Full Length Titles
Amazing Aviators – featuring William Boeing, Amelia Earhart, Yuri Gagarin, Howard Hughes, Amy Johnson, Wright Brothers.
Amazing Engineers – featuring Henry Ford, Samuel Morse, Thomas Newcomen, Marconi, Zeppelin, Shockley.
Amazing Musicians – featuring Glenn Miller, Elvis Presley, Johan Strauss, John Lennon, Verdi, Vivaldi, Al Jolson, Satchmo.
Amazing People of England – featuring Jesse Boot, Darwin, Ada Lovelace, Nightingale, Pankhurst, Shakespeare, Churchill.
Amazing Olympians – featuring Fanny Blankers, Pierre de Coubertin, Jesse Owens, Socrates, Oscar Swahn, Evangelos Zappas.

Short Story Titles
Amazing Mothers – featuring Susannah Holmes, Lillian Gilbreth, Anne Burras, Marie Curie & Queen Victoria.
Amazing Affairs – featuring Casanova, Marilyn Monroe, Mata Hari, Wallis Simpson & Louis XV.
Amazing Inventors – featuring Gutenberg, Peter Henlein, Charles Babbage, Beulah Henry, James Harrison
Amazing Escapees – featuring Houdini, Rudolf Vrba, Papillion, Mary Bryant & Bram Van der Stok.
Amazing Slaves – featuring Harriet Tubman, Sally Hemmings, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth & Zumbi dos Palmares
Amazing National Leaders – featuring Catherine the Great, Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth I & Washington.
Amazing People of France – featuring Louis XV, Pasteur, Simone de Beauvoir, Louis Bleriot, Braille

Individual Titles
Johann Bach, Isambard Brunel, Albert Einstein, Picasso, Columbus, Schindler, Walt Disney, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo.

Most of the above titles are available in both eBook and Audio format - see the website for further details.

Invite Amazing People to Christmas Dinner!

In conjunction with this sensational new season launch and to tide us over the holiday season this Christmas, The Amazing People Club has also announced some fabulous promotions and discounts PLUS a simply irresistible freebie.

Wish You Were Here
Luckily, The Amazing People Club have had this wish come true so they could bring you ‘face to face’ with inspirational people from yesteryear. At Christmas, there are many that use the above phrase when it is not possible to be with loved ones due to distance or circumstance.  Now, it is possible to bridge that distance by the sharing of great stories with people near and far.  Take the stress out of shopping and send a ‘digital’ inspirational story to someone special this year.

Be inspired by the resolute and amazing people who contributed to this world.  Let their hard work, sacrifices and achievements be a guide on life’s pathway.  New Year’s Resolutions are often difficult to adhere to but by learning from these Amazing People, it is possible to strengthen one’s motivation to succeed, no matter how difficult the journey.

Free Louis Armstrong ‘Satchmo’ eStory & Audio
Their FREE gift to inspiration-seekers everywhere this holiday season – discover his amazing life story through this free eStory or Audio.  Joining the club is easy and only requires an email address.  You will gain access to free inspirational stories and member promotions every month.  Unlike other ‘sign up’ campaigns, The Amazing People Club does not bombard members with emails, sending just one newsletter per month.  Download ‘Satchmo’s’ inspirational story today and get a unique insight into his amazing life.  Despite his fame, he remained a humble man and lived a simple life. To this day, just the mention of his name makes people smile.  Join here: -

Have a Successful 2012 – Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
How do people make money?  Follow four Amazing Millionaires on their incredible journey to fame and fortune.  Put dreams into action and start the New Year inspired to achieve goals and ambitions.  Meet Cesar Ritz, Howard Hughes, Alfred Nobel and Henry Wellcome in “Amazing Millionaires”, $1.99 Dec US only.

Amazing Careers – New Year’s Resolutions for 2012
Those who had amazing careers identified special talents and then put them good use.  How did people such as Darwin, Einstein and Coco Chanel choose their paths?  Discover how these and other high achievers became successful.  At this time of the year, this title can provide the motivation to kick-start career choices that will no doubt affect a person’s entire life.
“Amazing Careers”, $2.99 Dec US only

A Christmas Carol – 200th Anniversary Celebrations
2012 marks the 200th birthday of the Amazing Charles Dickens.  He published ‘A Christmas Carol’ on 19 Dec 1843.  Find out why he wrote his books and what inspired the characters which would become famous.  Meet him and other amazing writers including Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Voltaire in “Amazing Writers”, $1.99 Dec US only.

Christmas with Walt Disney
Explore the life of the man that so many spend Christmas with, in a very personal and up-close manner. Walt Disney was born on 5 Dec 1901 – Happy Birthday Walt!  What would he say today about his life and achievements?  Find out in this unique audio, ‘Meet Walt Disney”: New eStory coming soon!

The Publisher
The series is published by the Amazing People Club®, which was founded in 2006 by international management psychologist Dr Charles Margerison. We are an international digital publishing company. Our distribution partners are Hachette Book Group (HBG), a leading trade USA publisher, EBSCO, the world’s largest distributor to libraries and Global Grid for Learning, a leading digital content broker and supply network for education markets worldwide.  The Company produces educational and inspirational eBooks and Audios about iconic individuals who have made major contributions to our world.

Press release date Monday, March 26, 2012 - 10:43.

“Americans, Educators, Children, Book Lovers”

Free Student/Teacher Resource!
Limited Period NOVEMBER 2011 only

Election Day USA – 8 Nov / Thanksgiving / World Peace Day -17 Nov
Native American Heritage Month / Latin American Month
Get the inside scoop as Abraham Lincoln discusses his life and career

Book Lovers Day – 5 Nov / Nat’l Novel Writing Month
Discover how poverty was a major influence in Dickens writings
Travel with Mark Twain known as the ‘father of American literature’

Marie Curie Birthday 7 Nov
Experience what Marie Curie’s life must have been like

Aviation History Month / Go For a Ride Day  – 22 Nov
Travel through time with Amelia Earhart

All this is now possible via unique BioView® method at

"The man does not live who is more devoted to peace than I am. None who would do more to preserve it. But it may be necessary to put the foot down firmly. And if I do my duty, and do right, you will sustain me, will you not?”   Abraham Lincoln, 21 February, 1861, in his address to the New Jersey General Assembly.

Whilst Election Day this November is an ‘off-year’ event with few special elections across the USA, it is a timely reminder of how important it is to choose ones leaders carefully and of course marks a milestone as we move towards the pivotal election in 2012.  November is an important month celebrating Thanksgiving, World Peace Day, Native American Heritage Month and Latin American Month, so it provides an opportunity to reflect on how great nations were established and built. 

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.  Are parents and educators getting it right?  The Amazing People Club has announced the development of its educational resources for teachers and students alike.  This is delivered via a new and unique BioView® story-telling method, which is a combination of biography and virtual interview.  It not only educates but also engages in a very entertaining manner.  One of the key aspects of the BioViews® is its emphasis on the importance of role models.  The resources have been trialled and tested by educators and students worldwide and received the following endorsement from Dave Jones, awarded the Pearson Head Teacher of the North Award 2008:- "In an age when immediate fame and celebrity are cynically dangled to fuel the hopes and visions of children and young people, the Amazing People Club's resources are a refreshing reminder of the power of role models to inspire the young. These materials represent an invaluable resource for schools. Written in the unique and engaging first person style of the BioView, pupils are invited to explore the exploits, achievements and motivations of remarkable individuals who have informed our thinking and shaped our world. They will be an invaluable stimulus to create dialogue and debate in citizenship work in schools."

The Amazing People Club is an international digital publishing company distributed by Hachette Book Group.  Founded by Dr. Charles Margerison, the Company produces educational and inspirational eBooks and Audios about iconic individuals who have made major contributions to our world.


As usual, The Amazing People Club does not fail to provide great products and promotions in conjunction with some key events throughout November.

Election Day USA – 8 Nov / Thanksgiving / World Peace Day -17 Nov
Native American Heritage Month / Latin American Month

Free eResources for members
The Amazing People Club has launched a very generous membership campaign.  Simply, sign up via email registration and receive free audio and eBook resources every month.  The process is quick and easy.  Members will not be bombarded with emails or offers and receive one monthly newsletter plus the added bonus of an inspirational eBook and Audiobook every month.  Follow this link to JOIN THE CLUB:

Meet Abraham Lincoln Audio & eStory – Free to members – November only
This November, members can enjoy the truly inspirational story of a great leader.  Abraham Lincoln is arguably one of the most influential of all American Presidents who played a crucial role in the abolition of slavery.  His life has been explored in many ways, however, readers can gain a unique and very personal insight via his BioView® - it is as if he has come back and tells his own life story.  The free Audio and eStory are available in the ‘Members News’ section of the website.

Free Teacher/Student Resource – Educational Tools With A Difference – November only
The Amazing People Club has announced the launch of a FREE Educational Resource, available for November 2011 only.  This particular package is based on the life of the great explorer Columbus. As well as providing an in-depth lesson plan sample, they are also supplying the eStory and audio, which brings Columbus’ back to life!  Available upon application via secure code access.  Promotional codes are being published across the education press.  See for more information.

Marie Curie Birthday 7 Nov - Meet Marie Curie
Not only was she the first person in the world to be honoured with two Nobel prizes, she also was a very loving wife to her husband Pierre.  In her own right she was a true leader.  Her pioneering research on radioactivity laid the foundations for modern day physics.  Explore how she overcame barriers because she was a woman.  She truly was ahead of her time.  eStory only $0.99 (US only). 1-30 November. 
Available here: -

Book Lovers Day – 5 Nov / Nat’l Novel Writing Month - Meet Amazing Writers
Reading is a great hobby and an important one.  Not only is it educational and informative, but it is also relaxing.   This inspirational collection from The Amazing People Club explores the lives and achievements of some of the world’s most influential writers, featuring Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Voltaire.  Find out why they wrote what they did and what inspired their characters.  They all come to life to tell you their own personal stories.  eBook only $1.99 (US only). 1-30 November.
Available here:-

Aviation History Month / Go For a Ride Day  – 22 Nov - Meet Amazing Aviators – Meet Amelia Earhart
Most people have their own form of transport.  At The Amazing People Club, the preferred method is time travel.  ‘Go for a ride’ and meet Amazing People of yesteryear.  In these great audio story titles meet Aviators and innovators of travel, such as Amelia Earhart, Amy Johnson, Richard Pearse & Raymonde de Laroche. 
Amazing Aviators Vol 1 audio:
Amelia Earhart audio:

Press release date Friday, March 23, 2012 - 15:49.

Health, Home & Harmony!

“OCTOBER – be inspired to find a balance”

World Teacher Day – 5 Oct
Health Awareness Month - National Medical Librarians Month
Home Eye Safety Month - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
World Mental Health Day – 10 Oct - United Nations Day – 24 Oct
Mother in Law Day – 23 Oct - Family History Month
Colombus Day – 10 Oct - Halloween – 31 Oct

Experience Maria Montessori’s anguish on discovering her pregnancy
Be inspired by how Aristotle originated the scientific study of life
Discover how Elizabeth Blackwell overcame prejudice
Via unique BioView® method

Finding that perfect balance between Health, Home & Harmony is not such an easy feat to achieve.  There is often much to contend with on a daily basis.  From ensuring that one’s family is receiving the best of care in terms of education, health etc. to dealing with in-laws, organizing Halloween events and simultaneously keeping the peace, it is not surprising that the average person needs a daily dose of inspiration. 

That is where The Amazing People Club comes into play.  Take solace in the fact that even the most amazing of achievers faced daily challenges.  Be inspired by how they overcame obstacles.  By understanding how people used their time well and left legacies that are still regarded as exceptional, today’s generation can learn from the achievements of Amazing People and thereby improve personal performance in business, sport and life in general, which in turn promotes all around well-being.

The Amazing People Club is an international digital publishing company distributed by Hachette Book Group.  Founded by Dr. Charles Margerison, the Company produces educational and inspirational eBooks and Audios about iconic individuals who have made major contributions to our world.  “As a psychologist, a major part of my job has been to help people improve their performance in business, sport and life in general.  We must look forward and plan better ways of developing talents”, says Dr. Margerison. 

From Aristotle to Maria Montessori and Che Guevara to Nightingale, Educators, Researchers, Doctors & Nurses, have paved the way for modern society.  The multitude of health awareness events taking place around the world during the month of October provides a timely opportunity for individuals to be made aware of how some Amazing People developed skills and methods which are so important to mankind today.  Where would the world be without them?

The most interesting aspect of the range is the unique format by which it is delivered.  The BioView® concept allows people to hear these great stories in the ‘first person’. It is as if they have come back to life!


Free eResources for members
The Amazing People Club has launched a very generous membership campaign.  Simply, sign up via email registration and receive free audio and eBook resources every month.  The process is painfree!  Members will not be bombarded with emails or offers and receive one monthly newsletter plus the added bonus of the free materials.

October member’s freebie – “Meet Aristotle”
Who was the educator that founded the sciences of Psychology, Biology and Logic?  Aristotle, student of Plato and teacher of Alexander The Great, is also recognized as the originator of the scientific study of life.  More than twenty-three hundred years after his death, he remains one of the most influential people who ever lived.  His teachings and works in founding Psychology, Biology, and Logic, created advances in many fields of science, that would not be superseded for almost two millennia.  Join The Amazing People Club and receive the “Meet Aristotle” eStory/audio FREE this October only.  Join The Club HERE.

Health Awareness Month
Who was the first female doctor in the USA and the first registered in the UK? Who conducted the first heart transplant?  Explore the lives of some of the most amazing doctors and nurses.  Gain an insight into the lives of Dr Jenner, Dr Spock and Florence Nightingale. Discover the challenges they faced.  Everybody has relied on doctors and nurses at various points of life.  However, the great stories behind so many important achievements in this field remain unknown, until now... discover more and be inspired by “Amazing Doctors & Nurses”.  Promotional offer for October/US only – US$3.99.

World Teacher Day
This is a UNESCO event, celebrated annually to herald the essential role of teachers in providing quality education at all levels.  Teachers form a significant part of everyone’s life – parents and students alike.  Their roles are many, from academically educating pupils to grooming good citizens; they assist individuals in facing some of life’s challenges and getting through them.  Discover how one such iconic person’s vision that education was essential to the achievement of peace, led to the development of a revolutionary teaching method.  “Meet Maria Montessori”.  Promotional offer for 3-10 Oct/US only - US$0.99.

Columbus Day – 10 Oct
This is a celebration of the day Columbus first arrived in the Americas.  The world would not be the world we know today without explorers.   Gain an insight into their lives.  Meet with Columbus, James Cook, Yuri Gagarin & Arthur Phillip.  “Meet Amazing Explorers”.

Teacher/Student Resource – Educational Tools With A Difference
The Amazing People Club announces the launch of a time-limited FREE Columbus Educational Resource, along with the eStory and audio, which brings Columbus’ back to life!  This can be made available upon application.  Please contact for more details.

Become an Amazing Person
There is something amazing in everyone.  Join this prestigious club which has almost 1000 honorary members and be assured of being in the best of company.  The Amazing People Club mission statement is to provide stories that will educate, inspire and entertain.  There are many amazing stories unfurling every day, maybe one day yours will be one of them?


Press release date Friday, March 23, 2012 - 15:47.

Media Release

Entertainment & Education Revolutionized!


Back To School Month
International Literacy Day – 8 Sept
Self Improvement Month
Women of Achievement Month
Women Friendship Day – 18 Sept
Uncle Sam’s Birthday – ca Sept 1813
Treaty of Paris – 3 Sept 1783

Announcing Educational tools.... with a difference!
Via unique BioView® method

In conjunction with the many educational events occurring around the globe this September, The Amazing People Club announces the development of its revolutionary and unique concept within the ever-growing area of ‘digital’ education. Imagine if William Shakespeare or Marie Curie and other famous achievers, like Mozart, Montessori, Einstein, or Piaf, returned today and gave an interview about their life and work.  By virtual means, the Company has re-created discussions with amazing people who were leaders in science, music, medicine, literature, politics, business, engineering, education and many other fields of endeavour.  The term BioView® represents the combination of ‘biography’ and ‘interview’, and the format has been trademarked so that it can be easily adapted around content or license.  The Amazing People Club is actively in the process of developing links with organizations with a firm interest in this sector whereby the titles in the series will be integrated as a component in a digital classroom or training environment, for use by educators and students alike.

A psychologist, business consultant, musician, composer, and author, Dr. Charles Margerison founded The Amazing People Club in 2006.  He is an innovator with a firm respect for achievers and leaders and the BioView® stories celebrate the ‘can do and will do’ spirit of creativity, confidence, entrepreneurialism, and more.  One of the greatest strengths of the collection is its range and diversity.  The Company’s keyword is ‘engagement’ and their products offer just this in an entertaining and educational manner. Each BioView® is a story of inspiration and triumph – they are stories that will encourage the reader to look at their own life and be inspired by the possibilities through the life stories of fascinating characters.    

As technology continues to surge forward, with the growth of mobile phones, iPad type tablets, internet television, etc. - expectations for audio-visual interaction increase.  The BioView® concept is a giant step forward in providing a more integrated approach to learning through the use of the series, enabling students to understand a range of issues and also providing the stimulus for exciting projects in various areas of study.  Teachers are provided with interactive, engaging content they can use effectively in the classroom.  To explore the series further, the following are some examples of their September promotions.


Back To School Month, International Literacy Day – 8 Sept, Self Improvement Month
Sept is ‘Back To School’ & ‘Self Improvement month and 8 Sept is Int’l Literacy Day when the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies is highlighted.  Why not take the challenge to commit to a change in the spirit of Self-Development? The determination of individuals who have served us well in this regard can be read about in the following titles. Explore the life of another amazing woman who dedicated her life to educating people. Inspired by her own teacher, Helen Keller became the first deaf and blind person to earn her degree. She travelled the world to educate people on politics and women’s rights.
‘Meet Helen Keller’ eStory FREE  to members – Sept -
‘Amazing Educators’ eBook US$1.99 .
And where would the literary world be without the contributions of William Shakespeare?
‘Meet William Shakespeare’ eStory $0.99

Women of Achievement Month, Women Friendship Day – 18 Sept
Explore the lives of these amazing women and discover how they lived, loved and worked in their own distinct ways. Today, more and more women become doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, etc and take on other roles outside the home. Of course, this has certainly not always been the case.
“Amazing Women” eBook US$3.99
“Meet Coco Chanel” eStory $0.99 (12-19 Sept only)
“Amazing Business People” eBook $US1.99
All Books Review of “Amazing Women”

Uncle Sam’s Birthday – ca Sept 1812
The most commonly accepted version of his origin is that he was modelled after Uncle Samuel Wilson, a meat supplier to the US army.  However, he developed into a National Icon.  In just over 200 years, America has become a power house of industry and commerce.  Meet inspiring people who helped form the United States into what it is today.
‘Amazing Americans’ eBook US$3.99 1-5 Sept only

Treaty of Paris signed – 3 Sept 1783
This treaty declared the intention of both parties to ‘forget all past misunderstandings and differences’ and ‘secure to both perpetual peace and harmony’.  In today’s Paris and France, the legacy of great contributions made by many people is evident.  How did the City of Light develop in the early days?  Take a city tour unlike any other.
‘Amazing People of Paris’ eBook US$3.99

Become an Amazing Person
There is something amazing in everyone.  Join this prestigious club which has over 500 honorary members and be assured of being in the best of company.  Simply visit  and JOIN THE CLUB.  It’s free to join and members receive free eResources every month.


Press release date Friday, March 23, 2012 - 15:40.

Media Release


Inspirational stories to help you celebrate the
topical & quirky promotions throughout the month

Int’l Left-Handers Day 13 Aug
Romance Awareness Month
Elvis Anniversary 16 Aug
Artist Appreciation Month
Inventor’s Month
First Lincoln Penny 2 Aug 1909
Women’s Equality Day 26 Aug
Maria Montessori born 31 Aug 1870

Seize The Moment - Be inspired with a ‘great story’ for every day!

August is the month when there is a multitude of themes celebrated right around the globe.  The Amazing People Club headquarters is abuzz with organizing some AMAZING promotions to bring you some great stories about inspiring people.  Talk about being spoilt for choice!  There is something for everyone!  From traditional and topical to just plain quirky - the date claimers this month are not to be missed.....

We have a host of Amazing People for you to meet as well as a sensational ‘freebie’ and a great dollar buster deal.  JOIN THE CLUB at to get FREE monthly eResources.  This August, the ‘Meet Wolfgang Mozart’ eStory and eAudio is free to members.  Mozart is one of the world’s most celebrated musicians.  Did you know that he was left-handed?  Follow him from his early years when he was composing at only five years of age to his most prolific times.  Explore what he did and what inspired him to do so, understanding what his personal motivations were.

Meet Wolfgang Mozart – eStory/Audio – FREE to members
Amazing Artists - short eBook - US$1.99
Meet Elvis Presley – eStory
Amazing Love Stories -  eBook
Meet Benjamin Franklin  - eStory
Meet Abraham Lincoln – eStory
Meet Maria Montessori  - eStory
Amazing Women – Individual eStories, - Meet Marie Curie, Coco Chanel, Florence Nightingale, etc.
See below for further info...

“Seize The Moment”  August Events and Inspirational Stories to Match

International Left-Handers Day – 13th August
There are about 600 million lefties in the world & this day has been celebrated since 1976.  It is a celebration of their uniqueness but also to make everyone aware of some of the difficulties faced, in our modern world equipped for right-handers.  It is said that left-handers operate using the right side of the brain, while right-handers use the left side of the brain.  Does this mean that only left-handers are in their ‘right’ mind?  Did you know that many of our Amazing People Club honorary members were left handed?  Gifted talents such as Mozart, Michelangelo, Einstein, Marie Curie, Mark Twain, Beethoven, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Da Vinci to mention but a few.  We would like to acquaint you with one of them for FREE, when you ‘join the club’ at: . Access “Wolfgang Mozart” eStory/Audio - Members news.

Artist Appreciation Month
Artists come in many forms and cover many genres.  Painters, writers and musicians have enriched our lives with their contributions and this is a time to recognize and honour them.  Their stories show that hard work, persistence and determination to succeed can go a long way.  Budding and aspiring artists will find inspiration in exploring the lives of some of our iconic talents:
“Amazing Artists” only US$1.99

Romance Awareness Month/Admit You’re Happy Month
Can’t seem to find where this originated but it sure has caught on.  This is a time to step back and create more romance in our lives, not just the typical Valentine’s Day stuff, do something different and rekindle relationships.  This will bring you happiness which basically stems from finding the good in your life and embracing and nurturing it.  There are many reasons to love – make your sweetheart fall in love with you all over again with our collection of love stories – from the bedroom, to the boardroom and beyond:
”Amazing Love Stories”

Elvis Anniversary 16th August / Int’l Strange Music Day 24th August
These two events don’t have any link, however, we found it a bit thought provoking!  As we honour THE KING on the anniversary of his death on 16 August, it is also noteworthy that this year marks the 55th anniversary of Elvis’ year of firsts.  1956 saw Elvis breaking new ground with his unique style and was known as his ‘whirlwind’ year.  How was his music received?  Maybe, people found it strange at first?  However, the legend grew and lives on.  Has The King really left the building?  Here’s his story:
“Meet Elvis Presley”

Women’s Equality Day 26th August
It may seem obvious today why women should have been given the right to vote, however, it was controversial once upon a time.  There were many Amazing Women involved in the struggle to achieve such equality despite challenges.  Our collection includes the life stories of many heroines and trailblazers, who made outstanding contributions.  Be inspired and encouraged to follow your dreams.  Embrace their great stories and determination.  Choose from some great Amazing Women Individual titles and -  “Meet”  Marie Curie, Coco Chanel, Florence Nightingale:

All Books Review of “Amazing Women”

Inventors Month
A time to herald innovation and creativity.  Discover how talented and brave individuals, who sat on the cusp of possibility, persevered and succeeded.  What made them tick?  Benjamin Franklin who earned the title ‘The First American’ is one of these Amazing People who made major contributions to our world.  Be inspired by his determination to succeed which may help you achieve your ambitions in your own journey through life:  “Meet Benjamin Franklin”:

First Lincoln Penny/Cent introduced 2nd August 1909
Commonly known as a ‘penny’, the US one cent coin has featured the profile of Abraham Lincoln since 1909 to celebrate the centennial of his birth.  He was arguably one of the most influential of all the American Presidents and played a crucial role in the abolition of slavery.  Lincoln’s inspiring life story has been explored in many ways: “Meet Abraham Lincoln” eStory:

Maria Montessori born on 31st August 1870
This amazing and inspirational woman believed that education was essential to the achievement of peace and developed a revolutionary teaching method that grew into a worldwide movement.  Many people do not know that she was actually the first female doctor in Italy!  Her great story of achievement is simply amazing.: “Meet Maria Montessori” eStory –

Wiggle Your Toes Day 6th August
One of our “Amazing Artists” Leonardo DaVinci stated: “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”.  So why not just curl up with one of our great stories above and celebrate ‘wiggle your toes’ day!

Become an Amazing Person
There is something amazing in everyone.  Join this prestigious club which has over 500 honorary members waiting to keep you and other members company.  Simply visit and JOIN THE CLUB.  It’s free to join and as a member you will receive free eResources every month.

The Amazing People in our ‘Club’ are some of the people who have helped to make the world a better place.  Each one of them had strong motivations.  They are only a few, of the many, who did amazing work.  We can learn key lessons from each one of them.  In particular, their achievements were a result of their determination to continue on, regardless of how difficult the journey.  They believed in what they had to offer, and used their time well.

Their stories are inspirational and their lives have been recreated in a unique story format called a BioView® which combines biography with a virtual interview – reflecting the life story of an amazing person.   It offers an interesting and easy way to learn from those who have made major contributions to our world.  Discover how these Amazing People lived, loved and worked in their own distinct ways.

About The Amazing People Club®?
The Amazing People Club®, the publisher of an innovative new audio and book series based around BioViews®, makes the lives of a huge range of amazing people accessible like never before.  The series is distributed by Hachette Book Group.

Developed by psychologist and entrepreneur Dr Charles Margerison, the unique BioView® format is a newly-developed concept in storytelling that combines a biography with a virtual interview, creating an entirely new way of engaging with the past that is both educational and entertaining.  Whatever your profession or interest, within our library there are stories that will speak to everyone in some way. The unique BioView® format makes the stories accessible and engaging, whether you are 16 or 60. You can gain a clear overview of our series at BioViews® are inspirational stories that can help you to achieve your ambitions on life's journey.

Covering a huge range of iconic individuals, the series from The Amazing People Club® offers an ideal way to be introduced to these remarkable people.   “I have written their life stories, as if they are talking to me personally. Each one can be read, or heard via an audio recording, in about 5 to 10 minutes.  The stories are available in an easy-to-read or easy-to-listen-to format. You can enjoy these stories on the train or bus to work, in your lunch break, or even while waiting for the kids to finish sports training,” says Dr Margerison.

The Amazing People Club titles are available in book, downloadable audio and eBook formats. The remarkable stories can be purchased individually or as collections.

The words in each BioView® are the author’s interpretation of their possible opinions, based on the research of what each individual did.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information, samples, author interviews etc.  Thank you for your time and we hope to meet you soon at

Kind regards,
Marion Andersson
T: +61 405 829199