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Press release date Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 16:00.

(March, 2011) If you could invite famous people from the past to dinner who would you invite? Would it be Shakespeare, Mozart, Coco Chanel, Elvis Presley or Walt Disney? Now you can read and listen to what they may have said at such a meeting.

Psychologist and entrepreneur Dr Charles Margerison has travelled back in time to ‘interview’ some of the world’s most amazing people. He has made the lives of a huge range of amazing people accessible like never before, bringing their stories to life, via virtual interviews, to motivate and inspire, in the latest Series on offer from The Amazing People Club®.

“I’ve gone back in time to interview some of the world’s most iconic millionaires, writers, mistresses, scientists, artists, and more,” says Dr Margerison ahead of the new series launch in April 2011 from The Amazing People Club®, which features numerous titles including Amazing Mistresses, Amazing People of Paris, Amazing People of Sydney, Amazing Scientists and Amazing Doctors and Nurses.
“These people are all so amazing. They are no longer in the land of the living, but their stories can help inspire and motivate everyone!”

Covering a huge range of iconic individuals, The Amazing People Club® offers an ideal way to be introduced to a huge range of remarkable people, from Einstein to Presley, Charles Darwin to Nancy Astor, and Edith Piaf to Michelangelo.
These amazing life stories are a celebration of inspirational achievers and can be explored through BioViews®; short biographical narratives, similar to interviews. BioViews® are a newly-­‐developed concept in storytelling, which are now taking off as an innovative self development tool.

Interesting, entertaining, engaging, educational, and sometimes controversial, the latest Series is sure to please.

Says Dr Margerison, “See the world from a new perspective. Learn about the amazing people who shaped the world we know today. Enjoy this great source of inspiration for your journey through life”.
“We also encourage people to visit to share stories of people they know who are currently making amazing contributions”.

New release full eBooks and printed books (available April 2011):

Amazing People of Paris

As you walk around the City of Light, you are travelling in the footsteps of amazing people including Napoleon Bonaparte, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Toulouse-­‐Lautrec and Gustave Eiffel. In different ways, all of these amazing characters made major contributions, making the city of Paris what it is today. You will meet those who contributed to the music, the art, the architecture, the politics and other vital aspects of the city's life.

Amazing People of Sydney

Have you ever wondered where the sayings ‘Fair go’ or ‘Aussie battler’ originated? Find out how it all began. Travel through time and meet some of the amazing people who helped Sydney develop. Read how Governor Arthur Phillip and Bennelong, the captured Aborigine, tried to build relations between the communities. Explore the lives of people including Francis Greenway, Mary Reibey and George Howe.

Amazing Scientists

What would Charles Darwin say if he was interviewed about his life and work? How would Galileo reflect upon his contribution to scientific discovery? In Amazing Scientists, the stories of amazing people including Isaac Newton, Linus Pauling, and Louis Pasteur come alive.

Amazing Doctors and Nurses

Explore the life stories of an amazing range of characters including Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Blackwell, Ignaz Semmelweis and Che Guevara. These people paved the way for modern medicine and saved countless lives by advancing the boundaries of treatment.

New release short eBooks and audio books (also available April 2011):

  • Amazing Millionaires
  • Amazing Spies
  • Amazing Mistresses
  • Amazing Artists
  • Amazing Writers
  • Amazing Business People
  • Amazing Educators
Press release date Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 16:00.

Written by Dr Charles Margerison

Amazing People - Inspirational Stories…

“I was impressed with the speeches Abraham Lincoln made as he had such strong ideas and visions. Likewise, I was interested in how Shakespeare wrote his plays. It was truly fascinating to interview them and other amazing people.”

Dr Charles Margerison

Ever wanted to ask William Shakespeare what he did to become famous in London? Or find out how Coco Chanel’s life took her from rags to riches? What inspired Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and other great musicians? Meet them, and many others, in this new and unique series from The Amazing People Club!

The series has been developed by psychologist, Dr Charles Margerison, and gives readers a ‘virtual opportunity’ to meet amazing people. The books and audios bring readers ‘face to face’ with many of the world’s most inspiring and influential characters in science, medicine, business, music, engineering, aviation and the arts. Their stories are revealed through BioViews ®, a newly-developed concept in storytelling that combines a biography with a virtual interview – where people tell you their life stories on a personal and confidential basis.

A full range of important historical characters from different ages are featured in the series, including Michelangelo, Pasteur, Curie and Brunel. More modern figures include entertainers like Elvis Presley, Edith Piaf and Louis Armstrong. They ‘come back to life’ to tell their own stories through concise and accessible interviews. In that sense, the reader travels through time to meet them, in order to better understand what motivated them to succeed.

In Amazing Women discover the story of Elizabeth Blackwell, the world’s first female doctor. In Amazing Entrepreneurs find out who developed the McDonald chain of restaurants, the history of Boots the Chemist and Georges de Mestral’s amazing invention. In Amazing Love Stories find out why Madame de Pompadour remained King Louis XV’s long term mistress, but did not marry him. Learn where Charles Dickens got his ideas and how Sir Christopher Wren came to design St Paul’s Cathedral and other great churches in Amazing People of London.

Each title also includes a final section that summarises each subject’s achievements and how these achievements have been recognised. The Amazing People Club titles are available in book, downloadable audio and eBook formats.

For a full range of titles available, and to experience BioViews® for yourself, go to:


  • Amazing Women
  • Amazing Americans
  • Amazing Careers
  • Amazing Entrepreneurs
  • Amazing Love Stories
  • Amazing People of London
  • Amazing People of New York

The above titles are all available in book, audio and eBook format. The Amazing People collection also includes individual audio stories from The Amazing People Club portfolio, as well as short audio collections including Amazing Women in Business, Amazing Inventors, Amazing American Musicians and Amazing Explorers. Meet Coco Chanel. Meet Abraham Lincoln. Meet Amelia Earhart. Meet Charles Darwin and meet Louis Armstrong.


A brand new list of titles publishes in March 2011:

  • Short Audio collections: Amazing Spies, Amazing Millionaires, Amazing Aviators, Amazing Mistresses, Amazing Psychologists, Amazing Artists, Amazing Writers, Amazing Educators, Amazing Entrepreneurs.
  • Full Audiobooks and Print on Demand paperbacks: Amazing People of Paris, Amazing People of Sydney, Amazing Scientists, Amazing Doctors and Nurses
  • Short Ebooks: Amazing Women Leaders, Amazing Women - Careers, Amazing Americans - Scientists, Amazing American Achievers, Amazing Scientists, Amazing Careers, Amazing Engineers, Amazing Millionaires, Amazing Spies, Amazing Aviators, Amazing Mistresses, Amazing Artists, Amazing Writers
  • Full eBooks: Amazing People of Paris, Amazing People of Sydney


Elizabeth Arden’s parents were so impressed by the work of Florence Nightingale that they gave her Florence’s surname as her middle name. Her birth certificate reads ‘Florence Nightingale Graham’. Elizabeth Arden actually went on to train as a nurse before deciding to change both her career direction and her name. She took her surname from Tennyson’s poem ‘Enoch Arden’ and the name Elizabeth because she liked it.

Elizabeth Blackwell became the first qualified female doctor in the USA, and the first woman to be registered as a doctor in England.

Marie Curie was born Marya Salomee Sklodowska. She married her, husband Pierre Curie, in 1895. There first child was born in 1897 – the same year she gained her Physics Doctorate.

Charles Dickens was sent to work in a rat-infested factory aged 12, to earn money to help pay off his father’s debts. Whilst Charles had a menial job at Warren’s Blacking House, his father, John Dickens, was languishing in a debtor’s prison.

Benjamin Franklin had left school and was working for his father’s business by the age of 10. His father was a tallow chandler and soap boiler, and Benjamin’s job was to cut the wicks for the candles he made.

Abraham Lincoln only had 18 months formal education. He therefore resolved to educate himself by reading The Life of George Washington, The Bible and the works of Shakespeare - three major influences on his thinking. Although committed to the abolition of slavery, his wife, Mary Todd, was the daughter of a prominent slave-owning family.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart could play the harpsichord by the age of four, and gave his first public concert aged 6.

Florence Nightingale’s well-endowed English family were very disappointed when she chose to be a nurse – an occupation seen by her parents as a menial type of work.

Edith Piaf spent her early years living in a brothel, living with her grandmother, who was in charge of the working girls. As a child, she was in poor health, and at the age of three began to lose her sight, which didn’t return until she was seven years old. She started singing on the streets to start her outstanding career.

Mother Theresa decided to be a missionary at the age of 12. Aged 18, she said goodbye to her mother and sister and set off to join the Sisters of Loreto at Rathfarnham, Ireland. She never saw them again.

Press release date Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 16:00.

Effective immediately, Amazing People Club (APC) will be distributed globally by Hachette Book Group (HBG). The APC titles will be available in downloadable audio, eBook and print-ondemand formats. This partnership is part of HBG’s continuing effort to expand the digital service offerings for its distribution clients.

Developed by international psychologist, Dr. Charles Margerison, the titles in The Amazing People Club series bring the reader “face to face” with some of the world’s most inspiring and influential characters. These stories are revealed through BioViews®, a new story format which combines biography with interview to create a completely new way of engaging with the past. The Amazing People Club series make these amazing people immediate and accessible, as they describe what their lives were really like. With a full range of important figures covered, from Charles Dickens to Nancy Astor, Abraham Lincoln to Coco Chanel, The Amazing People Club is the ideal way to be introduced to these remarkable people. Titles in the series include Amazing Women, Amazing Americans, Amazing Entrepreneurs, Amazing Musicians, Amazing Love Stories and an Amazing Cities series which includes Amazing People of London, Amazing People of New York and Amazing People of Paris.

Kenneth Michaels, Hachette Book Group COO, said “We’re very excited to be partnering with Amazing People Club. Digital distribution is becoming increasingly important to our clients, and by leveraging the reach of Hachette’s broad digital capabilities, we hope to help bring this unique new brand to the market and expose APC to new accounts and consumers all over the world.”

Frances Corcoran, Amazing People Club, VP of International Publishing, said “Our new series offers unique insight on the lives of so many influential and amazing people who have shaped our world. This new, digitally-focused, partnership is a strong fit for our wide variety of products and we are looking forward to working with Hachette Book Group in this way.”

About Hachette Book Group:

Hachette Book Group (HBG) is a leading trade publisher based in New York and a division of Hachette Livre, the second-largest publisher in the world. HBG publishes under the divisions of Little, Brown and Company, Little Brown Books for Young Readers, Grand Central Publishing, FaithWords, Center Street, Orbit, and Hachette Digital. HBG also provides a wide range of custom distribution, fulfillment and sales services to third party publishers including Harry N. Abrams, Chronicle Books, Filipacchi Publishing, Gildan Media, InnovativeKids, Octopus USA, Phaidon Press, and Time Inc. Home Entertainment.

About the Amazing People Club & author, Dr. Charles Margerison

Dr. Charles Margerison created The Amazing People Club to reflect the achievements of inspirational people. He is a Chartered Psychologist, with experience as an international business development adviser to a number of large organizations. The author of more than 10 books on business management, he is the co-founder of Team Management Systems and Emerald Journals. He was a Professor of Management at the University of Cranfield, UK, and at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is currently the Chairman of Bell Hughes Music Group and the President of Amazing People Club LLC.

Press release date Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 16:00.

As remarkable as their imaginations were, could William Shakespeare, Mark Twain or Charles Dickens ever have dreamt that their stories would be told on a smart phone, or through the voice of a twenty-first century actor in an eBook? And since international airline prices and other basic travel costs are convincing U.S. travelers to stay close to home these days, says a recent report by AAA, why not ‘escape’ to far off places without leaving your house—through digital movies, eBooks and social media.

A new approach is making that escape even easier and more convenient. How? Dr. Charles Margerison, an international psychologist and literary expert, has found a way to travel through time from the comfort of your own home or car.

Margerison has said, “We can travel around the globe in twenty-four hours. We can pick up a phone and connect with someone who is at the other end of the world. Why not travel through time, to meet iconic people and walk famous streets with history’s legends,”

Dr. Charles Margerison, is the founder of a new publishing house called The Amazing People Club, which features the life stories of outstanding people like William Boeing, Walt Disney and Amelia Earhart who come to life in his new book and audio series. The stories come to life through BioViews, amazing life stories that combine biography with interview.

The Amazing City titles from the Amazing People Club, allow you access to a personal tour from Charles Dickens of what London was like in his time and hear why he wrote his brilliant books. You can travel to Italy and hear from Leonardo da Vinci on how he developed his great paintings. All the stories feature a first-person perspective on the world’s most amazing characters, events, inventions and locations.

These titles can be downloaded in book or audio formats through Amazon or iTunes. The BioViews®, bring the listener ideally ‘face to face’ with iconic people and places. They are the inspirations behind business marvels such as Andrew Carnegie and Coco Chanel. You can discover the people who played a part in the development of New York City and who made Paris the City of Light.

“BioViews® bring amazing people and places to life. They offer a new way of engaging with legends, locations and leaders,” says Dr. Margerison. “Such formats make learning fun and they also inspire and entertain.” He continues, “The Amazing People Club series make these remarkable people and places immediate and accessible. Before you go jump on your plane, train or car, get to know amazing people who you can meet on your travels.”

If you’re lucky enough to visit “The Big Apple”, bear in mind you are traveling in the footsteps of amazing people including George Washington, Mark Twain, Sojourner Truth, Irving Berlin and John D. Rockefeller as you walk around New York City. If you can’t get there, you can take a city tour unlike any other through this user-friendly digital book series. You will meet those who contributed to the music, business, fight for civil rights, transport and other vital aspects of the city's life. The unique stories provide an easy way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world, as preparation for a trip, to enjoy while you are there or from the comfort of your own home. Amazing People of New York is available as a book, eBook, digital audio book or app.

So, if you are planning a trip, or staying at home, or just looking for a unique gift idea for the traveler in your life, amazing people are great companions and the new technology provides limitless options for our journeys and interests.

A psychologist, business consultant, music composer, and literary enthusiast, Dr. Margerison is an innovator with a firm respect for history’s marvelous locations and the people who lived there. Time travel is the fascination which led Dr. Margerison on a groundbreaking journey that has inspired the new eBook and audio series, via The Amazing People Club.

Dr Margerison is a Chartered Psychologist, with experience as an international business development adviser to a number of large organizations. The author of more than 10 books on business management, he is the cofounder of Team Management Systems and Emerald Journals. He was a Professor of Management at the University of Cranfield, UK, and at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is currently the Chairman of Bell Hughes Music Group and the President of Amazing People Club LLC.

The Amazing People Club book series is now available for purchase at, and other online booksellers. The audio titles are available on Itunes and

For further information, you can visit