Amazing Careers

Amazing Careers provides biographical vignettes documenting the evolution and special challenges of careers of noted individuals, from Coco Chanel and Albert Einstein to Walt Disney and Antoni Guadi (whose ongoing struggles with rheumatoid pain led to his focus as a designer.)

Each biography opens with an often-startling, engaging line designed to draw readers into the account (as with Guadi's opener: "When I was young, I spent a lot of time with my donkey."). NOT the dry beginning one normally anticipates from a career biography - and, therefore, unusually accessible even for reluctant readers used to dull facts in biographies.

Amazing Careers also offers author insights in the form of career notes which explain why work preferences are vital to forming career paths, a 'career timeline' that provides at-a-glance information on the time frames in which each selected individual operated, and 'career quotations' which select and present a succinct, moving quote from each featured individual.

Any reader interested in pursuing general information on how careers are formulated and evolve and how success is achieved will find this collection of varied biographies to be inspirational and enlightening, serving to pinpoint the many paths by which a career is settled upon, achieved, and expanded.

The result is recommended for any business reader, moving neatly beyond the biography format to offer invaluable insights by example.

Amazing Careers
Dr. Charles Margerison

Reviewed by Midwest Book Review - Diane Donovan

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Amazing Entrepreneurs

Amazing Entrepreneurs features Dr. Charles Margerison's unique approach of combining biography with a 'virtual interview' format for each profiled individual, and also excels in selecting both famous and lesser-known individuals who proved exceptional entrepreneurs with approaches that changed industries, businesses and lives.

There's the usual focus on famous individuals (such as Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford) alongside a (wider, here) selection of less familiar individuals, including Beulah Louise Henry (a female inventor whose interest in "seeing things in a new way" led to her inventions of the spring-limbed doll, a sponge that held soap in the middle, and carbonless copying. Her childhood approach of "play as experimentation" led to many ideas that changed industries and afforded her a healthy income largely due to her attitude that she would give none of her ideas away for free) and Guglielmo Marconi (whose action-based approach to experimenting produced the evolution of public broadcasting systems.)

Amazing Entrepreneurs does more than present biographies: it captures the essence of attitudes, innovations, and - most of all - their translation into successful business endeavors.

The fundamental elements of entrepreneurship are considered in each biographical sketch, which emphasizes just where, how and why each individual made a conscious choice to be different in his or her approach to problem-solving.

It's important to note that each of these biographical sketches opens with a particularly involving first line, as in Mayer Amschel Rothschild: "They say one can go from rags to riches in three generations..."

Entrepreneurial savvy is then incorporated into the overall life and times of each individual - descriptions which are also is clear about the challenges faced: "...I was good at making the calculations. What was more difficult was reading the politics."

With this focus, Amazing Entrepreneurs creates a series of insights that directly link to the underlying elements of business success, making it a top recommendation for not just biography readers, but students of business wisdom as well.

Amazing Entrepreneurs
Dr. Charles Margerison

Reviewed by Midwest Book Review - Diane Donovan


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Amazing Americans

Amazing Americans offers surprises on many levels, and is a top recommendation for any who seek a lively set of biographical vignettes that focus on individuals operating in a range of endeavors, from business and politics to science, education, and beyond.

Among the featured individuals are familiar names (Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman and Jonas Salk, among others) along with lesser-knowns (psychologist Lillian Gilbreth, union organizer Mary Harris Jones, and scientist Percy Lavon Julian, to name a few). This juxtaposition of famous with less famous names makes for a satisfying collection overall as readers refine their knowledge of familiar figures and then make new discoveries in other areas.

Author Dr. Margerison is a psychologist who has created an entirely new genre with his 'bio view' titles, which combine biography with 'interview formats' written as if the person has conducted an interview with the author. BioView stories are based on facts combined with the author's interpretation - and thus offer unique opportunities not to be found in either traditional biography or straight interview formats.

What led each individual to make specific choices in their lives? How would they feel and what would they discuss if interviewed about their achievements? Each life has been re-created in this unique manner, offering students more than dry facts and providing much food for discussion and thought.

Amazing Americans opens with one Anna Burras, who lived between 1594 and 1650, presenting a black and white drawing of Burras and the captivating introduction "Some days can change your life. In June 1608 that happened to me. I was working as a servant..."

The journey that transpires and the events that led Burras to encounter a young Indian girl named Pocohontas - the only girl her age in the New World - and form a unique friendship documents the evolution of women in the New World as seen through the eyes of a common girl associated with some of the biggest names in early American history.

The segue to Walt Disney, whose contributions to film and animation revolutionized the world through the mid-1960s, involves a fast transition from America's distant past to modern times; but once again the initial sentence is compelling ("I was not born into a fairyland, but I created one.") and invites even reluctant readers to learn about events that made Disney remarkable.

What made these selected Americans more 'amazing' than their contemporaries was an attitude of discovery, willingness to accept changes and challenges, and a focus on incorporating these changes and challenges into endeavors that would change worldviews and perceptions for many decades to come.

What makes Amazing Americans so amazing in and of its own right is a dual attention to biography and unique lessons learned by each individual. Take Disney, for example: "...We took large financial risks on my dreams. Big ideas and detailed drawings meant more long hours combining art with teamwork. All the time, I was learning new business skills."

The result is a revolutionary dialogue and style that will captivate and educate readers on far more than just the historical facts about these selected amazing individuals: it provides an immersion experience that considers the fundamental attitudes and roots of success that elevated each individual beyond the ordinary.

Amazing Americans
Dr. Charles Margerison

Reviewed by Midwest Book Review - Diane Donovan


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Amazing People World - Video Review - Chuck is a parent of teens/tweens. He has taken a very involved role in his children's education and schooling. We asked him to please review Amazing People World. This is a platform that is currently FREE for teachers/students and is an interactive streaming classroom resource that brings amazing people to life via avatars and other engaging materials. See

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Mark Twain - An Amazing Leader (eBook for iPad)

Genre: Educational iBook

Title: Mark Twain – An Amazing Leader Book

Author: Charles Margerison

 Have you ever wanted to learn about the lives of some of the most famous people in history, but could never go further than the first page of a history textbook? Dr. Charles Margerison solves this common problem and more with The Amazing People Club Series, whose iBooks give unique insight into the lives of famous people. Mark Twain – An Amazing Leader is a different take on the traditional biography.

 This particular book is about one of the literary fathers of America, Mark Twain. Mark Twain – An Amazing Leader brings to life the adventures of the one who brought you The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The iBook educates its readers on the influential writer’s dreams from childhood to adulthood. From it, one can see how Twain was able to bring joy to so many readers.

 This iBook is an audio-visual multimedia production that has excellent educational value. The entire iBook is very well formatted, with interactive maps and pictures that slide away to reveal other pictures, all contributing to beautifully uncluttered pages perfect to reading and learning. The quizzes at the end of every section are extremely helpful to remember information, and you can go back to review the material you got wrong.

 The educational value coupled with the effectiveness of a first-person point of view on history makes this iBook a great resource. It is highly recommended by Boyu Huang, Allbooks Review.

Publisher: Amazing People Club Ltd
Number of pages: 63
Price: $4.99        June 2013

Product Link:

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