Harriet Tubman – An Amazing Leader Book (Educational eBook for iPad)

As a parent whose child is easily bored, I am so excited to have found this "An Amazing Leader" book series. The writing is clear and very engaging. The book tells the story of Harriet Tubman's personal victories and what she did to aid slave liberation like any good book would do. What makes this book series so special and unique, is that in addition to that it tells the story of her early life as a slave and the terrible struggles she had to endure. What makes this book even more brilliant is that there is also animation of her story which puts the kids right there with her. An audio adaptation is also included. The end of chapter quizzes are also well written and challenged my kids. This in my book is a win! Like the other books in the series, this book is geared towards interactive teaching and learning. I have made many lessons involving discussion of the quizzes themselves and my kids enjoy discussing the answers once the quiz is finished. I recommend this book and also this series very very highly. In fact it would be worth it at three times the price!

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William Shakespeare – An Amazing Leader Book (Educational eBook for iPad)

As a parent who home-schools their child part time, and who attends regular day school part time, I am so excited to have found this "An Amazing Leader" book series. The writing is clear and very engaging. The book tells the story of Shakespeare's personal life and rise to fame, but any good book would do this. What makes this book so different and brilliant is that in addition to the printed word, there is also a huge archive of full color high quality images and timelines. This book is geared towards interactive teaching and learning and features a fantastic audio adaptation of his story. From a teacher's point of view, the chapter quizzes are informative and not dry or boring at all. In fact, I have made many lessons involving discussion of the quizzes themselves and my kids enjoy discussing the answers once the quiz is finished. I recommend this book and also this series very very highly. In fact I am surprised it is not more expensive, because it would be worth it at three times the price!

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Meet Florence Nightingale - eBook for iPad

Genre: Biography/ibook

Title: Meet Florence Nightingale

Author: Charles Margerison, The Amazing People Club

 A fan of Charles Margerison, I was excited to learn his books were now available in ibook format. Florence Nightingale is featured in this story in BioView, which is a biographical interview. A quick read of only 36 pages, it was fascinating.

 Florence Nightingale lived from 1820 to 1910. She was born in Florence, Italy. After a divine calling, she trained to be a nurse in 1851. Queen Victoria requested her advice on health issues, which led to a Royal Commission request for a one thousand page report. The rest is history.

This ibook reads like a personal conversation and is most enjoyable as well as entertaining. Her achievements and recognition follow the “interview” providing a detailed summary of her life and accomplishments. Ipad and Ipod touch versions are slightly different, with the ipad version having more interaction and better graphics. This reviewer feels that this book, as well as others in the series, would be useful and interessting to students with the unique avatar and multimedia content, creating interaction.

Author Charles Margerison is a Psychologist and founder of the Amazing People Club. He is the author of ten books on management, as well as his BioView series of amazing people interview/biographies.

Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review Int.

Title: Florence Nightingale
Author: Charles Margerison
ISBN: ebook edition 978-1-921629-05-1
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Karen Sullivan, SecEd, UK
An Australian psychologist has registered a new approach to historical biographies called ‘BioViews’, which he believes can engage students in the life stories of some of history’s most amazing people. Child psychologist Karen Sullivan checks out his claim.
Today’s students are accustomed to reading and delivering sound-bites of information via text and other social media; they are the masters of brief summarisation.
Given a chunky biography of Shakespeare or Darwin, or faced with a collection of Dickens’ novels, chances are they will search out something a little, well, more immediate – not to mention shorter.
Our students also live in a culture where celebrity is embraced. “Famous” people inspire our youth, but often for the wrong reasons, and rather than welcome the idea of learning about, and from, the lives of past masters, they instead choose rather dubious modern role models.
Dr Charles Margerison is an Australian psychologist and a member of the Royal Institution and the Royal Literature Society.
He is also founder and author of the Amazing People Club, which he says is “the place where you can meet inspirational people who made major contributions to our lives”.
He explained: “I had the idea that it would be interesting to meet people like William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Florence Nightingale (and) Galileo to ask them questions about their life and work.”
Using a formula, which he has dubbed (and, indeed, registered as) a “BioView”, Dr Margerison has created a concept in story-telling which involves a short biographical story, similar to an interview. He believes that this approach, in which the subject tells their own story, as if he/she were being interviewed, provides a more modern way to understand the people who have made our lives what they are today.
He added: “At school, children tend to get the impersonal version of someone’s life – it is portrayed as facts, but often edited to give one point of view.”
Each of the BioViews can be read, dramatised or heard in 10 to 15 minutes and provides an intimate insight into the lives of “amazing people” as diverse as Coco Chanel, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley and Mother Teresa.
While a short biography might nicely summarise the facts of someone’s life, the BioViews help to humanise their subjects, while bringing their achievements, motivations and ethos to life in a way that will appeal to teenagers and teachers. In fact, they read rather more like the confessional style of interview that is popular today, and feel distinctly unlike a formal learning experience.
The BioViews are also designed to provoke thought and encourage further learning. Dr Margerison says that the dramatisations of his audio books, in which actors ask questions, are a valuable way to help kids learn.
He added: “It gets them involved in problem-solving rather than memorising. Reading, seeing, listening and doing – the last is the most important.”
He not only suggests that the stories can be used as a springboard for more in-depth discussion and research of the various subjects, and used as a vehicle in many different subjects to aid learning, but has put together a series of teaching plans to make best use of them.
For example, children can be encouraged to take on the persona of a particular character and write a regular blog from their perspective. They can create their own illustrations to develop communication skills, and they can find inspiration in the lives of people who often started out with nothing and extrapolate that to modern times.
Every sentence (wildly unpunctuated by traditional means) is short and concise, which can aid those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. This approach is intended not just to make these BioViews easy reading, but to make them hard-working.
The series covers a range of subjects including aviators, engineers, Olympians, entrepreneurs and even “Amazing Love Stories”. Each includes BioViews of notable figures, as well as summaries and historical data at the end of the book. You can download individual BioViews, too, and, if you are heading out on an international exchange or school trip, you can help to bring cities and their famous inhabitants alive through titles such as Amazing People of Paris and Amazing People of London. Tuned into their iPods en route, most students will enjoy this dramatic and personal way to learn about the people who once populated the cities they will visit.
Dr Margerison chose subjects that “used their time exceptionally well to contribute in ways that left legacies that are still regarded as exceptional”. He added: “The reason it is important to study their work is that we learn from their achievements to improve our own performance. As a psychologist, a major part of my job has been to help people improve their performance in business, sport and life in general. We must look forward and plan better ways of developing people’s talents. Each of the amazing people learnt by experience and application. After all, who taught Shakespeare to write plays? There is no evidence that he went on any special courses.”
Dr Margerison believes that through these inspirational stories students will learn to focus more on their innate talents rather than expecting unachievable success in areas that are probably unattainable, and for which they probably lack the necessary skills or talents.
He said: “That is what these people did and they practised and worked hard at what they did. In all cases, the people who we now regard as amazing were able to find out what they were good at and focused on it.
“Shakespeare enjoyed writing. Rather than taking it for granted, he looked for opportunities to share his creations. Einstein pursued his interests against the odds and indeed against conventional opinion.
“Abraham Lincoln lost the first major election that he entered. He went on to become an outstanding American President and abolished slavery.
“Mozart and was trained by his father to play music from a very early age and developed his skills as a professional performer before he was a teenager. Michelangelo pursued his interest in art despite opposition from his father.
“Amazing people produced results rather than excuses. They converted inputs of time into outputs of art, music, science, business and other measurable activity.
They managed their work time well and their stories can inspire both career efforts and personal development in all students. Kids like mysteries and people who get into and out of danger and beat the odds to win. Most of the amazing people did those kinds of thing. They overcame the odds.” . 
• Karen Sullivan is a child psychologist and writes a fortnightly column for SecEd.
Further information
SecEd readers can download a free Meet Christopher Culumbus audio BioView and eBook as well as an accompanying educational resource pack by visiting the website and entering the code: edu2011. Visit the Amazing People Club website

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Australia Day Special: Interview with Dr Charles Margerison who shares his views on the True Founder of Australia

With Australia Day just around the corner, author and international psychologist, Dr Charles Margerison says that Captain Arthur Phillip, should be formally honoured as the Founding Father of Australia. He was the leader of the first European settlement in Australia, and our first Governor.

Dr Margerison, has travelled back in time to interview Governor Phillip via an amazing new concept known as BioView®. It is featured in the release of Amazing People of Sydney, available in ebook, print-on-demand, and audio format.

‘Governor Phillip is the Columbus of Australia, without whom, Australia wouldn’t be what it is today.’

”In my view, Governor Phillip is under recognized and under appreciated in Australian life. We celebrate Australia Day, but it would not have been without Governor Phillip.

‘Through his leadership and example, Arthur Phillip, was the founding father of Sydney, New South Wales and the country of Australia.’

He was the first Australian hero,” says Dr Margerison who is the Founder of The Amazing People Club. – . Dr Margerison is a resident of the Gold Coast.

”Governor Phillip’s achievements deserve wider and fuller recognition. His leadership in organizing and safely coordinating the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 ships, with about 1500 people on board, in 1788, was outstanding by any standards. In addition, his management of the convicts, the marines, officials and their families in the New South Wales colony over a five year period, between 1788 and 1792, was exceptional, given the extremely difficult and extraordinary conditions”

Dr Margerison’s new book , Amazing People of Sydney, is also written with respect to the Aboriginal people of New South Wales, whose lives were changed forever on the 18th January 1788.

”This book reflects the contributions of amazing people who have made their mark on Sydney. It is written via the process of BioViews®, where virtual interviews are recorded on events as we can imagine the participants would have seen them. I trust the BioViews® capture both the conditions of the times and the achievements that have turned Sydney from a convict colony to an exciting, elegant international city reflecting a mutli-ethnic democratic way of life,” says Dr Margerison. I believe Australia needs to give Governor Phillip more credit, and that everyone should have a greater understanding of his story!

Sample BioView® extract Arthur Phillip from Amazing People of Sydney:


Arthur Phillip


 Life has its twists and turns

Despite our best plans, we have to adapt to the winds of change

Although a sailor for most of life, my major challenge came on the land

Indeed, it was a land far from home in a place called New South Wales

A place that had been inhabited for thousands of years by aboriginal tribes

My task was to lead convicts, marines and officers to form a new colony

That colony, at Sydney, Australia was the start of a great new country

It was my honour to be the appointed Governor and civil and military leader

You may ask what training and experience I had for the role?…..

Botany Bay was not what I had been led to believe

Fresh water was scarce, and the soil for crops was poor

The aboriginal population, the Eora, watched and waited

No doubt we looked like men from out of space to them

Two days later, I took a search party to look for a new place

After about five miles of sailing, we entered a gap in the cliffs

To our amazement, we found the finest harbour in the world

A thousand ships of the line could be securely stationed there

Port Jackson was the name Captain Cook had given it

But, it was a place he never entered

Returning to the main fleet, we were disturbed to see two ships

The French, led by Captain Perouse, landed in Botany Bay

They stayed awhile before leaving, accepting we had arrived first

So, it was a close run thing, as the colony would have been a French one

Sadly, they foundered in the seas to the north

By the 26th January. I ordered everyone to move to our new location

We celebrated by drinking a toast to our King George III

Our national flag was raised to a great cheer

The location of the township was named after Lord Sydney

Maybe I should have called it Port Phillip instead

It was the start of a new land

Also, I sent Captain King to Norfolk Island with a small group

It became our second colony

However, little did I know the problems that lay before me

As the Governor of New South Wales, I had many challenges

Not least, keeping law and order when food rations were very low

Also, enabling civil law to develop

I even allowed a convict to bring a case against ship’s captain

That would not have been possible in England….

© Dr Charles Margerison and the Amazing People Club

About Dr Charles Margerison

Dr Charles Margerison is a Chartered Psychologist, a member of the Royal Institution and the Royal Society of Literature. He is Chairman of Viewpoint Resources Ltd, a publishing organization, and the founder of The Amazing People Club. Previously, he was Professor of Management at the University of Cranfield, UK, and also at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the co-founder of Team Management Systems and the Chairman of Bell Hughes Music Group.

The author of more than ten books on management issues, Dr Margerison has also written an innovative continuing professional development system, called The Communication and Problem Solving Resource. This provides educational support resources for the use of the Amazing People Club series in schools and colleges.

This unique range of stories is presented via a new concept called BioViews® that combines a biography with a virtual interview. The stories are an interpretation of the lives of amazing people, as in a theatre play. Each one is presented as if the person is talking to you personally. There are no full stops, as in traditional writing, except at the end. The intention is to create the flow of conversation.

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