From series review - December 2010

“It’s an easy and entertaining read and exactly the kind of thing that you want to read to make up for far too much car crash TV over the holidays”
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From book review of Amazing People of London - December 2010

“I enjoyed not only the book content but the way it was written. I can’t recommend this book highly enough”
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From book review of Amazing People of London, Education News

The combination of pictures, the readability levels, and just the interesting stories really makes for a wonderful book. I learned a lot about London, the places of London and the people of London. I, like Walter Besant ( an English novelist and historian ) would like to say that “I have been walking about London…and I find something fresh in it every day “ I have in fact, been taking the tube, and riding the buses, and have also been walking around London for some time and this book has added to my genuine pleasure about the city and about learning about the inhabitants and the famous amazing people of the city ! Well done Dr. Margerison ! Keep up the amazing writing and the amazing stories and pictures !So what to buy your history-mad child once they've completed their Horrible Histories collection? The Amazing People range looks at a famous location through the story of the historical figures who've lived there, and Amazing People of London has just been released.

Each volume in the range contains stories designed to be read in about 10 minutes. The language is fairly simple and written in the first person, so this would be good for developing and confident readers who like to know their facts. It's part of a series of books developed by psychologist Dr Charles Margerison, designed to help readers get inside the heads of amazing historical figures.

From book review of Amazing People of London, Education News -

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OCTOBER 2010 - Series Review -

Listen to a poor Elvis Presley talk about his daddy’s arrest and imprisonment for forging an eight dollar check to feed his hungry family..Or hear the irrepressible Mark Twain and his always wry observations about New York, the rascals on Wall Street and how sales of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer kept his family afloat in an exciting but expensive Manhattan. Welcome to The Amazing People Club, a new concept in audio storytelling that brings the listener “face to face” with some of the world’s most interesting people.Be part of the vivid tales from the streets of London with Charles Dickens or take a walk through Paris with Gustave Eiffel.The audio tales rekindle the imagination, the theater of the mind.

They let us “back away” from travel video, websites, fare-finding portals, reviews and travel tips, and allow us to travel through time with interesting people and walk their famous streets with them. Skip the passport. You never have to leave home because your travels are available in eBook and audio formats through Amazon and iTunes. There’s even a cool narrated YouTube video that lays it all out and gets us up close to Mr. Mozart. Eva Peron, Louie Armstrong and Coco Chanel come alive with the right accents and a near-perfect personality pitch. I loved hearing “Satchmo” talk about “What A Wonderful World” and feel the energy of Eva Peron as she tells us, in her accented English, how she met Juan......, combining good, old-fashioned story telling with today’s delivery systems.

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