Abraham Lincoln Educational eBook for iPad


By Dr Charles Margerison

Would you like to have met Abraham Lincoln and had a discussion about his life and career? Embark on a fascinating journey with one of the most influential of all the American Presidents. From a log cabin to the White House, Abraham Lincoln became an amazing leader, who played a crucial role in the abolition of slavery. With little education, discover how this farm worker went on to become a lawyer and then the President of the USA. His story has been explored in many ways, however, in this title, you can gain a unique and personal insight into his inspirational life.

It also features a range of engaging and educational elements that support inspirational learning. Come face to face with perhaps the most celebrated American president as he comes to life as an avatar, browse a fascinating photo archive that visually documents his life and gain a useful overview of his major achievements through a comprehensive timeline. A dramatized audio adaptation of his story is also embedded within the book and interactive quizzes enable you to test your new knowledge on his amazing life.

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Abraham Lincoln