Amazing Careers

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By Dr Charles Margerison

How did Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Coco Chanel choose their careers? Discover how these and other high achievers became successful in Amazing Careers. In life, the work we do often determines our status in society as much as the money we earn. Some people choose their job because of strong convictions while others are motivated by salary. This book provides a unique insight into the lives of people who had exciting and interesting careers and can help provide inspiration to you in your own.
Each amazing career is explored through BioViews® which are short biographical stories, similar to interviews. These unique stories provide an easy way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world.

Featured BioViews®

Nancy Astor – Politician – USA
Frederick Banting – Medical Researcher – Canada
Christiaan Barnard – Surgeon – South Africa
Rosalba Carriera – Painter – Italy
Coco Chanel – Fashion Retailer – France
Leonardo da Vinci – Artist – Italy
Charles Darwin – Scientist – England
Walt Disney – Artist and Business Developer – USA
Albert Einstein – Scientist – Germany
Yuri Gagarin – Cosmonaut – Russia
Elizabeth Garrett – Physician – England
Antoni Gaudi – Architect – Spain
Johannes Gutenberg – Printer – Germany
Georges Eugene Haussmann – City Planner – France
William Lever – Soap Maker and Politician – England
Marie Elisabeth Lüders – Politician – Germany
Golda Meir – Politician – Ukraine, USA, and Israel
Maria Montessori – Educator – Italy
Wolfgang Mozart – Musician – Austria
Florence Nightingale – Nurse – England
Alfred Nobel – Business Chemist and Philanthropist – Sweden
Eva Peron – Entertainer and Humanitarian – Argentina
Elvis Presley – Music Entertainer – USA
Nikola Tesla – Inventor – Croatia and USA
Frank Whittle – Aviation Engineer – England