Amazing Engineers

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By Dr Charles Margerison

When problems crop up, we need solutions. When something needs to be improved, or made more efficient, we need innovative ideas and positive action. Take inspiration from some of the world’s most celebrated engineers whose inspirational life stories are celebrated in this new collection from The Amazing People Club®.
Find out how Charles Babbage invented the first computer and discover the man behind the invention. Make the connection between Peter Henlein’s pocket watch invention and the wristwatches of today. Marvel at the incredible accomplishments of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whose innovations helped solve many longstanding engineering problems. Discover the genius of Alexander Graham Bell, whose invention of the telephone changed our world forever. Each story comes alive through BioViews®. A BioView® is a short biographical story, similar to an interview, about an amazing person. These stories offer an inspirational way of learning about people who made major contributions to our world. The unique format and flow enables each person’s story to come alive, as if it is being personally told to you, and reflects their interests, emotions and passions. 

Featured BioViews®

Charles Babbage - Computer Designer - England
John Logie Baird - Television Developer - Scotland
Alexander Graham Bell - Audio Technology Entrepreneur - Scotland
Henry Bessemer - Steel Industry Developer - England
Isambard Brunel - Bridges, Railways & Ships Designer - England
Gustave Eiffel - Buildings & Towers Developer - France
Henry Ford - Automobile Developer - USA
Gordon Gould - Laser Researcher & Developer - USA
Johannes Gutenberg - Printing Technology Initiator - Germany
James Harrison - Refrigeration Developer - Australia
Peter Henlein - Watches & Clocks Manufacturer - Germany
Guglielmo Marconi - Telecommunications Entrepreneur - Italy
Antonio Meucci - Phone Researcher & Developer - Italy/USA
Samuel Morse - Telegraphy Developer - USA
Thomas Newcomen - Steam Engine Developer - England
Richard Pearse - Powered Aviation Experimenter - New Zealand
William Shockley - Micro-chip Researcher - USA
Christopher Sholes - Typewriter Developer - USA
George Stephenson - Steam Transport Developer - England
Thomas Telford - Bridges, Docks & Roads Designer - Scotland
William Thomson - Electricity & Telegraph Development - Ireland
James Watt - Steam Power Developer - Scotland
Frank Whittle - Jet Engine Developer - England
Ferdinand von Zeppelin - Dirigible Aviation Entrepreneur - Germany