Amazing Mathematicians Volume 1


By Dr Charles Margerison

Mathematics is the science of numbers. However, have you ever stopped to ask - who are the people behind the amazing formulas that have helped mankind find solutions to everyday probabilities?
The Amazing People Club invites you to explore the exciting world of five amazing mathematicians. Their inspirational stories were not always about number crunching as we know it, as they strived in the search for ‘truth’ via theory.

Gain an insight into how George Boole was inspired to combine logic with mathematics to reduce risks, developing calculations that although complex, enabled people to make better judgements. Immerse yourself in the life of Ada Lovelace, the ‘Enchantress of Numbers’. Her intellect and skill in mathematics led to her developing a plan for calculating sequence, which is now recognized as the first computer program. Be inspired by the genius minds of Rene Descartes, Carl Gauss and Alan Turing, whose skills within mathematics, science and technology have formed the basis for how we still assess probabilities and find solutions to this very day.

Each story comes to life through BioViews®. These are short biographical narratives, similar to interviews. They provide an easy way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world. 

Featured BioViews®

George Boole
René Descartes
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Augusta Ada Lovelace
Alan Turing