Meet Isaac Newton


By Dr Charles Margerison

Be inspired by ‘the greatest genius who ever lived’ as Sir Isaac Newton tells his own incredible story in this inspirational publication from The Amazing People Club®. Born into a wealthy farming family, Isaac’s intellectual flair was spotted early on by his schoolmaster. Follow Isaac’s meteoric rise through his years at Cambridge University, his membership and subsequent presidency of the Royal Society, his position as Master of the Royal Mint, his seat in the House of Parliament, and his eventual knighthood. Along this journey, read how Newton came to challenge long-held scientific theories and change the way we see our world and our universe through his startling mathematical, astronomical and scientific discoveries.

Isaac Newton’s story comes to life through BioViews® which are short biographical narratives, similar to interviews. These inspirational stories from The Amazing People Club® provide a new way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world.

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Isaac Newton