Meet Oskar Schindler


By Dr Charles Margerison

Meet, and be inspired by, Oskar Schindler; the great saviour of persecuted Jews, as he tells his own incredible story. Following a complicated early life full of unsuccessful business ventures and several changes of jobs during the Great Depression, a job as a spy for the Abwehr led to Schindler joining the Nazi Party in 1939. Seeking to gain profit from the invasion of Poland, Oskar bought a repossessed enamel factory and with the help of Itzhak Stern, his Jewish accountant, employed a 1000-strong workforce made up of Jewish forced labourers. Schindler’s factory became a haven for Jewish workers away from the evil regime of the nearby concentration camp and Schindler himself became appalled at the killing of Jews in the camp. Through daring bravery, bribery and charm, Schindler managed to save 1200 Jews from certain death at great personal risk and at great personal cost. This eStory is a unique way of learning from this amazing life.
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Oskar Schindler